Now, this is the one where people always ask me the details, but I think the above 2 mixed with how you work out and proper rest are all equally important. I have found 4 types of workouts I try and integrate into my workout.  I see how my body feels at the beginning of the week and choose what i feel will benefit me best based off the past weeks results.  I try and go a month of one routine and then switch, but while here I’ve switched it up every 2 weeks and noticed some great results.  I’ll break down the basic ideas first and then the reps and weight later…

Workout 1:

Monday:  Chest

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday:  Legs

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: 2 exercises for chest and back and then arms

Saturday: Plyo for legs and some core work

Sunday: Rest, sauna, hot tub, etc…

Workout 2:

Monday/Thursday: Push routine… 4 things for chest, 3 push exercises for shoulders (presses, raises, etc…), 3 things for triceps

Tuesday/Friday: Pull routine… 4 things for back, 3 pull for shoulders (shrugs, upright rows, etc…), 3 things for biceps

Wednesday/Saturday: Legs Usually 5 or 6 exercises

Sunday:  Rest

Workout 3: Supersets

Monday/Thursday: Chest and back.  usually 5 exercises for each

Tuesday/Friday: Legs/Shoulders  I’ll often do explosive exercise involving both like powercleans, snatches, clean and presses….

Wednesday: Saturday: Arms.  Almost always finish with supersets of chin ups and dips

Sunday: Rest

Workout 4:

Monday/Thursday:  Chest and triceps

Tuesday/Friday: Back and biceps

Wednesday/Saturday:  Legs and shoulders

Sunday: Rest


Now, as far as weight and reps go… New studies come out all the time contradicting the last one.  The latest says negatives or heavy reps with low weights arent as beneficial to muscle growth has 8-10 reps are and more reps won’t produce as much muscle mass.  But for every exercise, this is usually how I try and go… I’ll use a scale of 1-100 with 100 being a max for my numbers.

Set 1: 30-40% for 20 reps.  slow and easy concentrating on the flex/squeeze

Set 2: 50% for 16 reps.  slow, easy and controlled

Set 3:  70% for 10-12 reps.  Same, staying controlled with no swaying, bouncing, cheating, etc…

Set 4: 90% for 4-6 reps.  I try and stay focused, but I may bounce the weight a little or sway a tad, but try my best not to.

Set 5: 50% for 10 reps.  Slow, controlled and really emphasizing the pump and movement

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