I know a lot of people are against them and plenty have negative side effects if used improperly, but I have found some of them to be very beneficial.  I have tried just about everything on the market and have, again, seen what works for me and my body.  But remember, what I have seen work for me, has had zero effect on friends who I’ve suggested it to, and vice versa.

I have always stayed clean as far as anything illegal or banned by the NCAA or leagues overseas.  I’ve done some things like Finaflex that were test boosters, and I definitely saw results, but the bad outweighed the good as far as I was concerned, so my supplement usage is as follows:

Morning: 100 mg 5-HTP blended with 20 mg B-6 which is used as a sleep aid and promotes general well-being

50 mg DHEA which helps increase muscle mass, testosterone levels, anti-aging properties and helps boost your immune system

Pre-workout:  Creatine Blast mixed with NO-Xplode:  Promotes vascularity, cell voluminazation, nitrogen levels, caffeine, energy, etc… Definitely gets the job done with no side-effects like others I’ve done.

Bed time:  ZMA:  Zinc, Magnesium, and B-6 as a recovery agent.

Protein:  I take several kinds and as long as you’re taking a quality product that gives you what the label says, you’re good.  I’ve read a thousand studies and spoken with a million different people about how many grams to take in at a time and I stick with the 25-50 grams at a time.  I used to mix in glutamine but my newest protein has that with 10 other amino acids already mixed in.


Any other supplements are probably gonna vary per individual and their dietary needs. I feel I get about everything I need from my food, so I don’t worry about much else.

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