Pro Championship

Winning a championship for any true athlete is the ultimate goal.  I was always close when I was younger but never seemed to be able to win one.

My AAU team, Team Georgia, made it to the AAU nationals in Orlando in 1998, but fell short.

Lost in the Georgia AAAA Championship game in 1998.

I fractured my back in 1999 and had to miss my freshman year at Life University.  That year they won the NAIA National Championship and my high school went on to win back to back state champions.  So everyone I knew in the basketball world were winning championships besides me.

I had won various league championships such as the Hebron Basketball League and the Hoop It Up top division, but never anything on the pro level until 2009.  I finally started winning championships and never looked back.

2009 WBA Championship  (Buford Majic)

2010 DBA (Darwin, Australia) Wet Season Championship  (University Rebels)

2010 DBA Dry Season Championship  (University Rebels)

2011 WBA Championship  (Buford Majic)



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