Monster Hunt

I’ve always been interested in things like cryptozoology and exobiology, so trying to find a monster or a really odd and exotic creature would be absolutely amazing.  I love learning about ancient cultures and have a strong belief they knew a lot more than modern society gives them credit for.  Almost every ancient civilization had their own beliefs in the supernatural, ranging from creatures like Nessie and giant birds, to the chupacabra of Big Foot.  Given how close these people lived to their land and how much more in tune they were to their surroundings, I believe they would know when they saw something out of the ordinary.


Science has proven certain myths to be true over the years and given a lot of credibility to ancient myths and legends, so I believe anything is possible.


My first stop is going to be Lake Ness this summer.  Won’t have much time to really stake out the lake, but the plan is to camp out for a night and maybe spend some time fishing on the lake.  As fa as Nessie is concerned, I doubt I’ll see anything and really dont believe there is anything to find there, but the excitement and experience will be well worth it!

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