I started this site to not only chronicle my travels and adventures, but to also keep focused on my aspirations and ultimate goal:  To use my talents to the best of my abilities to live a full and enriched life, and by doing so, hopefully inspire others to fulfill their dreams and passions.


I have been very fortunate in my recent years to be afforded the opportunity to pursue one of my oldest childhood dreams and play professional basketball.  After a lot of medical problems, personal issues, and self-doubt, I took the plunge to move to another country and attempt to be the man I always wanted to be.  In doing so, all the dreams I had as a child that had been suppressed through years of “growing up” suddenly started coming to light.  Finally, I sat down and started a list of everything I wanted to do before society, or any other real influences suggested what ‘happiness’ means.  To my surprise, the list grew and grew into something I know, if completed, I could look back on and be proud.  A few of the items may be a tad superficial or off the wall, but the majority of them revolve around travel, exploration, and self-realization.  Just all things when I first took note of them, stirred some type of emotion in me telling me they were things worth doing.


Through basketball, I have this amazing opportunity to live the life I have always dreamed of.  I don’t remember having much support or any real role models growing up to help guide or inspire me to follow my passions.  A lot of what I do overseas involves working with children and volunteering in the communities.  Throughout the years, I’m sure I have coached over 3,000 children, and if I am able to reach and inspire even 1 of them, to show that through hard-work and believing in yourself, that anything is possible,  I will consider this entire project a success.


Although my career has had a late start, I have no plans of quitting anytime soon.  I hope whoever follows this site enjoys my unique perspective and views of the world that few will ever get to see as I dare to be myself… As I dare to be human.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions…




Michael Konanec, Jr.

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  • drew


    I recommended BigDon to you and I see by your response to Don that you both will be doing business together. I know this will work at for you both. Drew p.s. Below is Don's reply to me and what you enclosed to him in response. he just wrote me today when you did by coincidence! ================== Sorry for the delay, my girlfriend just got in town from England and we were doing a roadtrip all around the east coast. I'm definitely interested, as generating traffic and interest is crucial in trying to build up any revenue-creating aspects to my site. What all did you have in mind as far as what pictures and any other information that would be useful for me? I have a decent ammount of my photos online, but have a few more from various shoots from throughout the years. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas and I look forward to hearing from you... Mike

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