Full List

1. Scuba dive in Antarctica

2. Dive with Great Whites

3. Climb a class 3 or higher mountain

4. Walk the bush in Australia

5. See the Nazca Lines in Peru

6. Get paid to play basketball

7. Visit all 7 continents

8. Have a theology conversation with a leader of every major religion

9. Be a paid actor

10. Be a professional model

11. Win a professional basketball championship

12. Survive on a deserted island alone for at least a week

13. Sell 100k+ job in the roofing business

14. Discuss physics with a physicist or professor

15. Go on a Monster hunt. Lake Ness, Bigfoot, chupacabra…

16. Take a Boat through the Bermuda Triangle

17. Go spear fishing

18. Live with a rainforest tribe

19. Go into space

20. Partake in a cool genetic experiment

21. Fix up an old car

22. Become fluent in another language outside of a romance language

23. Bench press 365 pounds

24. Meet Bill Watterson

25. Visit the pyramids

26. Visit the Great Wall

27. Visit a Monastery in Asia for a fair amount of time

28. Catch a tuna and eat it raw on the boat

29. Make a sword by melting the metal and pounding the steel into shape

30. Create an app

31. Write a book

32. Be on a talkshow

33. Create my own theory or equation in physics

34. Discover a new species

35. Donate something to a museum

36. Learn how to ballroom dance

37. Throw the 1st pitch at a baseball game

38. Win a decent amount in the lottery

39. Eat Beluga caviar in Russia

40. Visit the Cradle of Civilization

41. Visit the Congo and look for their dinosaur

42. Make a chess set

43. See a “real” crop circle

44. Learn to play the piano

45. Take the MCATS

46. Get a product endorsement

47. Pray in a Catholic church older than America

48. Discover a new cave, even if only a small chamber

49. Get a shave with a straight razor in an old school barbershop

50. Learn how to throw a spear

51. Pick a mango off a tree and eat it right there

52. Learn to husk a coconut

53. Skydive

54. Throw a grenade

55. Visit an active volcano up close

56. Make a raft

57. Visit the Taj Mahal

58. Witness a shuttle launch

59. Grow a beard

60. Shower in a waterfall

61. Spend a night in an abandoned haunted house

62. Marry the woman of my dreams

63. Skinny dip in the Mediterranean

64. Paint a painting

65. Play basketball in Rutgers Park

66. Read the Bible and all of the excluded books

67. Search for sunken treasure

68. Smoke a cuban cigar while enjoying an aged liquor older than me

69. Buy a bottle of Cristal at a club

70. Win an eating challenge

71. Go on an archaeological dig

72. Eat sushi in Japan

73. Go crabbing

74. Win a slam dunk contest Done

75. Chop down a tree

76. Build an igloo

77. See a UFO

78. Curl 135 on a straight bar

79. Make the cover of a paper or magazine

80. Have a family

81. Eat an insect

82. See a whale or whale shark up close

83. Grow my hair out

84. Break a Guinness record