There are obviously various forms of donations and support, and any and all would be greatly appreciated.  In order to put on these camps and clinics and help spread basketball around the world, cash is needed for travel and accommodations as well gym rentals, support staff, and the actual supplies needed to run them.  Sponsorships in the forms of basketballs, t-shirts, trophies, etc… also have a major impact on operating costs.  Lastly, any other type of support could go a long way… Car rentals, restaurant sponsorships, product endorsements, charitable donations, auctions, etc… All would be massive, and just know that whatever you give will really go a long way in helping kids around the world.
While the ultimate plan with this site is to gain interest and followers, and then ultimately sponsorships and endorsements to help me in my endeavors, donations are also welcomed and appreciated.  Playing basketball overseas is nowhere near as lucrative as most people think, and my personal situations have never been the best of financial circumstances, so most of the work I do with kids and the community are for free or out of my pocket.   So…Donations are both welcomed and greatly appreciated!
I also appreciate any other forms or help or support, such as the following, an image edited by a talented friend, Shop King, Owner and CEO of ICrown Media…

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  • drew


    i've asked if your website can be added to various sports website in order to promote your own website...fingers crossed

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