While in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, I decided to try and embrace the culture and religious ideas, in order to hopefully gain some clarity.  I visited countless religious temples, shrines, and even random sites in the middle of nowhere.  I made wishes in their native forms… Everything I could think of in order to find some peace.  Every time I partook, I began by hoping for someone to come back into my life.  But as this seemed the exact opposite of the purpose of this trip, I would change it to, “Please let me find clarity and happiness and be put on the right path to become the man I’m supposed to be. ”

Attached are several pictures of the shrines and temples I visited.  Golden Buddha, the Giant Buddha, a mountain shrine, random pagodas, ancient temples… I even made wishes on a shooting star, several fountains, and my personal favorite… They made a small paper boat, I lit the candle and placed it to float down the river, and as it was placed, I made my wish.  That wish, that was my only selfish one.  That one, that one was for her…

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  • Adam


    I was just reading this today and it made me think of this post. "By love, God has revealed himself and given himself to man. He has thus provided the definitive, superabundant answer to the questions that man asks himself about the meaning and purpose of his life." - Catechism of the Catholic Church (Paragraph 68)

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