81. Eat an insect

I never understood why western culture was so opposed to eating things that are ordinary to people in the rest of the world.  The show Bizarre Foods really opened my eyes to what I had been missing out on, and for whatever reason, eating something that instills fear in most people has been way up the list.

Although an ant is technically an insect, I won’t consider this one fully completed until I have downed a grasshopper, tarantula, scorpion and at least 1 other insect, preferably a witchetty grub from Australia.  But… I have eaten a few ants while in Australia, and they were a bit different.  Kind of like sweettarts.  A bit sour, but also a bit sweet, but to be honest, they upset my stomach.  Who knew such a tiny lil creature could mess up my stomach?!

Finally got to cross this off my list in a resounding fashion!  Got to eat larvae, tarantula, and giant water cockroach while in Vietnam and Cambodia!

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