78. Curl 135

Although this isn’t exactly the wildest or deepest of adventures, but I recall seeing a picture of Alonzo Mourning on the cover of some magazine curling 135 on a straight bar, and I remember thinking, that is something that I always thought was impossible… I want to do that!

To anyone not familiar with working out, curling 135 is an insanely difficult task.  Putting on 95 pounds is enough to get attention in the gym, but when my workout partner and I got to that point, I remember seeing half the gym stop and watch us.  I believe my greatest rep count was right at 4, maybe 6 with a spot.  Either way, I obviously surpassed checking this one off the list, but it is still one of the items I’m most proud of!  Throw in curling the 65# dumb bells and it’s safe to say my arms are right about where they need to be!

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