73. Crabbing

I remember walking the beach as a kid, and always having this urge to grab one of the lines on the beach that went way out into the water as a crab or lobster trap.  Even before I was into fresh and healthy food, the idea of eating a freshly caught crab or lobster seemed like an absolutely amazing treat!  On plenty of outings, I would beg my father to let us pull up a trap and take just 1 of the crustaceans out, that no one would ever know, but the answer was always the same… An emphatic, ‘No!’

So, finally when I moved to Australia, Larry, a teammate and a friend who eventually let me live with him, had a boat and took me out fishing on several occasions.  On these outings, he attempted to teach me how to throw a net to catch out bait, fish with just a reel, and how to set crab traps.  The tide in Darwin was unbelievable, and I had never seen anything like it before.  I know baiting a trap with fish heads doesn’t sound like an exciting time, but I loved every second of it!  Untangling the lines, baiting them, throwing them out, and then the excitement of pulling them in and see what we had caught after a day out of fishing… It was something else!

I believe we went out maybe a total of 4 or 5 times, but only had 2 real good hauls.  Based on the pictures, with my hands and other things in the background, you should be able to get an idea of just how large these crabs were.  But, not that I have done this, going out and catching some lobster is next on the list!!

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