69. Cristal

As this was probably not the most intelligent of ideas I’ve ever had, I can’t help but to look back and just shake my head at my youth and ignorance.  Every rapper was talking about it and it seemed like the “it” thing to do, so back around 2007 or so I decided to take the plunge.

I had been working on a rather large project for quite some time, and it had finally been completed so as I could receive my commission, which for this single job came in at around $5,000.  Given that was the most money I had ever seen with my name on it in my life, I decided to celebrate a bit.

I had been frequenting a restaurant/club in Buckhead called East Andrews and had become quite good friends with the owners, so my friend Tim McGlone and I decided to go there and celebrate.  I recall having a really nice meal and a few drinks, and out of nowhere we decided to buy one.  Tim had had a very good week at work as well, so why not splurge?!  Well, as I went to purchase it, the bartender, an acquaintance of my father’s said, “Well, you’ve finally outdone your father!” as he had been quite the big spender back in his heyday.

As the VIP table was set up and prepared for us, a few “friends” took notice and invited themselves over.  Within about 5 minutes of us opening the bottle, Tim and I both noticed the bottle was empty and we each had only 1 glass.  As we were a bit tipsy and still on the high of pretending like we were rich, we decided to order another round.  But, instead of sticking to the clubs guidelines and having someone bring the bottle up on ice, open and serve it for you, Tim decided to just go down, grab the bottle and run up the stairs with it.  Probably not the smartest thing we’ve ever done, but when you spend $1,000, clubs will genuinely let you do whatever you want.

As the night ended, we decided to walk around Buckhead to see what other trouble we could get into, but not before keeping a bottle as a souvenir.  I recall having it stuck in one of my pockets and as we turned a corner, an old high school friend of ours saw us, ran and jumped on me for a hug which knocked the bottle out, which promptly shattered on the ground.  Obviously, we were both genuinely upset and a tad pissed off.

But, to add insult to injury,  a few guys a moment later overheard us complaining about the broken bottle to which they interjected that there was no way 2 poor guys like us could ever do anything like that.  Much louder words were immediately exchanged before cooler heads prevailed to which we just walked away in an attempt to sleep off the night.  Nothing quite like waking up to a receipt for $1,000 tho!

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