59. Grow a Beard

Although growing a beard doesn’t seem like a bucketlist-type item, it’s something I always wanted to do.  Often, in any line of work, your image is a huge part, and a big beard is often considered unsightly.  Regardless…

Australia had Movember where you grow a beard for cancer awareness.  I was already contemplating the idea, not to mention I absolutely hate shaving and have only been clean-shaven maybe 3 times in the past 5 years, so… This was an easy one.  It was a tad annoying tho, as it was boiling everyday and the beard seemed to retain the heat!  I believe I went a total of roughly 7 weeks and it turned out pretty respectable.  When it came time to shave, decided to try and be a little creative and shaved in a few over-the-top designs.

While in England, I decided to attempt the beard again, but more this time out of necessity as my face was constantly freezing on the trek to the gym every morning.  This time around, I believe I went about 6 weeks ago and was actually quite proud of it.  But alas, as with why most men do things, the woman of my life convinced me to shave it off.  Probably a good thing as the grey hairs were starting to become noticeable in it ;)



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