21. Fix up an old car

I literally know next to nothing about cars in general, but I know the classics are a thing of beauty.  A fully restored classic vehicle is like nothing else.  I had a 99′ Pontiac Firebird, and it really got me interested in cars.  If I had money, and a lot of free time, a classic car collection would be something I’d love to spend my time doing.  hire a personal mechanic to show me the ins and outs of what to do, buy a few beat up classics, and just go to work.

No clue why, but the moment I saw the 65′ Continental with the suicide doors in the opening scene of Entourage, I wanted it.  A friend and I even looked into buying a used one and fixing it up, but never quite had the capital to get into a project like that.  This one won’t get done for a while, as I imagine a real job, a place to live and all of that fun stuff has to come first… But I really look forward to it.  maybe something I can do if I have a son someday…


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