19. Go Into Space

I like to think, and hope, that most people have the dream of travel and adventure and that space would be an absolutely amazing place to go.  It’s beckoned man for ages and many of the ancient religions and cultures were based around the constellations, with many of them believing their Gods, and even our ancestors, came from space.

I’m the type that, if given the opportunity, would travel to Mars, or any other distant planet, even if it was a 1-way ticket.  I’ve always wanted to get married and have kids, but as of now, neither are in the works, and an opportunity like that is something I couldn’t say no to.

As of now, there are several private companies planning flights and hotels for extended stays.  As exciting as this is, I want the real thing.  I want to wait until they have lunar hotels and actually take another step on the moon.  No clue how I can ever finance this one, but you know what they say, dream big and reach for the stars!



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