18. Rainforest tribe

Given my obvious interest in biology, the bio-diversity in the rainforest has always been on obvious magnet for me.  Throw in my passion of ancient civilizations and different cultures, and the tribes of S America are a no-brainer.  Not sure if living with them for an extended period of time is a real possibly at this stage in my life, but would love a chance to spend a week to a month with one and see what I can learn.


This is honestly one of the prime reasons I started my traveling and this list.  Several years ago I attended a wedding with a friend and got to chatting with the gentleman seated next to me.  Don’t remember his name or anything else about him, but his story always stood out to me.  He had had a real job and was a normal-enough person until one day he decided he had enough and sold off everything and bought a sailboat.  He spent the next decade sailing up and down the coast of S America, picking up random people to help out and to provide a small enough income to get by.  But he took some time off from sailing and lived with a tribe for close to a year, learning their ways, hunting, fishing and gathering… And if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to tell me a story about a large crocodile which had harassed the village for years.  I forget the exact detail, but I know he killed the crocodile, either with a gun or, as my memory serves, with a knife to the base of the skull.  The biggest part of the story tho, was as he finished with it, he unbuttoned his top button and showed off his necklace with several of the crocodile’s vertebrae… A gift the tribe gave him to honor his heroic act.


How many people can a tell a story like that?  To be a hero to an entire tribe… Yea, that is definitely on the list!

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