My first official blog post!  I’ve put this off way too long, always coming up with an excuse, and somehow ‘Tomorrow’ kept turning into ‘Yesterday’.


I’ve been back in American for a week officialy, and I must say, it’s not at all what I had expected.  Thought I would get right into working, doing whatever random stuff I could find to make some cash and would be in the gym every spare moment.  Well, I haven’t done either.  Instead, I’ve spent my time relaxing, unpacking, cleaning and slowly adding content to this site.  But tomorrow is a new day and I’m making the 1st step and re-joining LA Fitness!


From here, it’s just a matter of being consistent with this and keeping the blog up to date.  Considering I have a million plans, my girlfriend flying in from England and hopefully having this site and potential business take off, I shouldn’t have a problem coming up with interesting stories to post.  So, for now I’m just happy I’m finally adding a blog post and look forward to making it a habit!

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