Bucket List

14. Discuss physics with a physicist or professor

My mind races at a million thoughts per second.  I am a problem solver and always have a thousand questions.  School was never good for me as I never had any of my questions answered.  I’ve read all the books on physics and astrophysics but I still have a lot of unanswered questions.

One night back in 2007 I was at a bar with a friend and decided to try a Bahamian Mind Eraser.  Turns out they are ridiculous strong and not many people are dumb enough to take them.  So, after the bartender rang the bell to bring our idiocy to the other patron’s attentions, we downed our drinks and immediately felt the effects.   Upon witnessing this, a gentleman approached us asking what that drink was.  We informed him and he took quite the interest and decided to order around for the 3 of us.

Well, after 2 of these drinks in under 10 minutes, we were quite inebriated and engaged in conversation.  The night turns into quite the blur from there, but I do recall him being a physics professor and having over an hour conversation about string theory, black holes and the Big Bang.  One of the greatest conversations I’ve ever had… If only i could remember more of it!

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