10. Be a professional model

I have no clue how I ever got the idea of modeling into my head, especially since I was always shy and hated having my picture taken.  I don’t remember considering myself overly attractive, not to mention I was way too tall to even think about getting into the business.  Pretty sure I’m sure I did it to try and pick up girls and maybe make a bit of money on the side.

Once I started taking it seriously tho, I started to enjoy it.  The same with acting, i could pretend to be whoever I wanted to be for that given period of time.  It was a nice escape.  I had a few paying gigs here and there, but nothing huge ever came of it.  I was afforded the opportunity to work w a few great female models, the highest being Ellen Hollman.  I also had the opportunity to work with the great photographer Nick Jordan on a shoot for a clothing line called Rene Alise, a very high-end label aimed at professional athletes.


I had an agency in NYC for a while but the only job they ever got for me was after I had moved back to Atlanta and I was unable to make the shoot.  Only problem was, the pay was $100k for one day.  Some national ad campaign which aired during the Superbowl.  Very disappointed I didn’t get that opportunity.  I was also given an offer for my own workout video.  They wanted a workout video aimed at basketball players and how to increase your size and strength.  I was at 6’9″ about 210 or so at the meeting and they wanted to see me at 245 and below 10% bodyfat.  I did everything I could from having a dietician, nutritionist, and personal trainer to eating 7 times a day and taking in around 6,000 calories a day.  I was able to increase by bench 50 pounds or so to 295 and my highest weigh in was 228, but was never able to get above that.  At least not in time for that opportunity.


I have done random shoots throughout the years, mainly to document my fitness.  I was nominated and made the top 40 most fit and attractive people in Atlanta and had a shoot for that as well.  At that point was I was around 235 and benching 340.  I like to chronicle my fitness, so continuing this modeling is a good fit.  I will add pictures to this post as they come in from various shoots.



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