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8. Theology conversation

November 21, 2011

Religion is a very interesting subject to me.  I was raised Catholic in the loosest sense of the word.  I was taken to church and religion classes until I made my Communion and anything further was left for me to decide, which I am eternally grateful.  Upon moving to the South, religion was a huge topic and debate with every friend trying to save me.  I attended services at Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and non-denominational churches.  I have had other friends in various faiths ranging from Buddhism, Islamic, and Hinduism.  Even had a few people who were more spiritual, believing in a higher power more along the lines of Mother Nature rather than a certain deity.


The problem I have always had, is that when I ask questions regarding their personal faith, they struggle with answers.  Go from 1 person to the next in the same faith, you always get a different answer.  Most people bend their religion to best fit their needs and that never sat well with me.  If you’re going to follow something as serious as religion with supposed eternal consequences, you had better follow it to the letter.


My personal belief is a bit out of the norm and is always changing the more I learn.  I definitely do not believe in a God in the typical Christian way.  However, I do believe in a higher power and practicing the traditional values that most religions teach their followers.  But, in order to better understand the world around me and make a better-informed decision, I would love to be able to sit down and discuss all the religions out there til I’m blue in the face with someone educated enough on their religion to speak intelligently while not forcing their ideas on me.


I’ve had chances to speak to several people throughout the years about all of this, but never anyone I would consider either an authority or having an open mind to speak with me openly about the problems or incongruities about their religion.  I hope with my travels to work on this one more than just about any other item…

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