Bucket List

7. Visit all 7 continents

By now, traveling and seeing the world is obviously very important to me.  I wish I could put down ‘Visit every country’, but I think that would be even too great of a challenge to put on this list.  I just want to see what the world, from Mother Nature to all nationalities and races, can show me, and this is the best way I can think of to accomplish this goal.


Below is a list of the countries I have either visited or lived in, broken down by continent:

North America

  1. Cleveland, Ohio  (lived)
  2. Atlanta, Georgia  (lived)
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (lived)
  4. Miami, Florida  (lived)
  5. Hawaii (vacation)
  6. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (vacation)
  7. New York, New York  (vacation)
  8. Various Cities, New Jersey  (vacation)
  9. Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee  (business trips)
  10. Detroit, Michigan  (vacation)
  11. Los Angelas, California  (layover/visit friend)
  12. Cozumel, Mexico (vacation)
  13. Niagra Falls/ Toronto, Canada  (vacation)
  14. Jamaica  (vacation)


  1. Darwin, North Territory (Lived 9 months)
  2. Camped all around the northern territory on basketball trips
  3. Layovers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane


  1. Middlesbrough, England  (Lived 6 months)
  2. Hammerum, Denmark (visited)


  1. Singapore  (Basketball tournament)
  2. Beijing (layover to Singapore)

I am currently working on the other continents with planned trips to Italy and Senegal in the next few months and basketball prospects in both Peru and Ecuador.  Only serious problem is going to be Antarctica, but it is a place I want and need to see before my time is up…

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