Bucket List

4. Walk the bush in Australia

Ever since Crocodile Dundee, I’ve always had a fascination with Australia but never thought I’d get the opportunity to visit, let alone live there.  I was able to go to several of the Aboriginal communities and during my last visit, I had a few hours to myself where I was able to just go walk through the bush.  Not exactly what I envisioned, but very peaceful and relaxing.  It’s amazing how it just goes on and on and on.  Beyond vast.  The skies were bluer than I have ever seen, sunsets like you couldn’t imagine and sleeping under more stars than I’ve ever seen close enough to the bank of the river that the crocs could come and take you.  Absolutely amazing experience.


I hope to go back and visit the friends I made one day while being able to take in a little more of the lifestyle and experience.  I wanted to hunt for food, look for grubs and crawfish in the rivers, just take in the whole experience.  I have kept on contact with a few of my coworkers who would be able to help provide the experience, so hopefully sooner than later I’ll get to revisit this adventure and do it properly.




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